Story of the "Laux" family

Laux - Loux - Lauck - Louck - Laucks - Loucks - Louks

The 300th Anniversary Celebration
of the Laux family's coming to America
(all spellings included - Laux, Loux, Loucks, Laucks, Louck, Lauck, Louks, etc.)

was held on

  June 25th, 26th, 27th of 2010
in York, Pennsylvania

There were 112 in attendance from 23 States, Washington D.C. and 3 Canadian Provinces.

Some of the Reunion Comments are: 

 "Very successful.  Extremely well planned and organized.  A very memorable and worthwhile event." - "Jack"

Open Mike time - "Got to take part - that was fun!  Lots of laughs." - Ed

"Loved seeing Lauxmont Farms..." - Tina

"All presentations exceeded my expectations, especially like the one on DNA and the one on NAME ORIGINS." - Guy

"Elaine's books were absolutely fantastic.  We are so happy that we won the 4th volume (door prize)..." - John

"Both (family) tour guides were very knowledgeable & kept us engaged along the tour."  - from unsigned survey

"A wonderful experience to meet 'family' we never knew we had!" - Janet

"Lots of laughs...warm smiles...loved it!" - Wendy

"Wonderful to meet my internet family connections in person!" - Marilyn

“This trip was a significant lifetime event for both of us and we look forward to continuing the journey with you.” - George & Steve (Father/Son)

After Reunion Newspaper article -

For more info on all the activities of the Reunion, go to the 300th ANNIVERSARY REUNION SUMMARY page. 


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